Technology Cooperation Project in Region Zealand

DTU Link offers SMEs in Region Zealand innovation processes based on knowledge sharing and product development. Receive up to 300 funded research hours to develop a technological concept or prototype in close collaboration with researchers from DTU.

Under the auspices of the Technology Cooperation Project in Region Zealand, DTU Link helps regional businesses to identify a technological challenge and develop or test an innovative solution. DTU Link matches businesses with the appropriate research skills at the University, providing access to advanced technological, product, and production development facilities.

DTU Link also offers a commercial validation of the developed technological concept and business development as required. In addition to the targeted innovation process, regular networking activities are held for participating SMEs to ensure anchoring of innovation and knowledge sharing between the businesses.

While the Technology Cooperation Project in Region Zealand is anchored in the incubation environment DTU Link at Risø Campus, it nevertheless encompasses the entire University’s research competences.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund for the period 2018-2020.

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Christina Jespersen
Business Developer
DTU Skylab
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Technology Cooperation Project in Region Zealand

• Innovation programme for SMEs in Region Zealand 
• Businesses receive up to 300 funded research hours 
• Businesses co-finance innovation processes with 600 hours 
• DTU Link facilitates start-up, execution, and finalization of the process, which typically takes between six and nine months 
• During the process, businesses are offered office space at DTU Link at Risø DTU Campus free of charge